The Number One Thing to Do When Prospects Ignore Requests for Meetings

You called, emailed, liked social posts, and sent a personal note. But the only response from your prospect to your meeting requests is silence. When you are 100% confident that the prospect is a good fit for your company, then the number one thing to do when you are ignored is DON’T GIVE UP!

The prospect could have said, “Stop calling me!” and they haven’t. Assume there is some degree of interest. Look at your meeting requests and figure out how to change your messaging to change the outcome from being ignored to a positive response.

Ask three questions:

  • What would make the meeting request more relevant to the prospect?
  • How can the meeting itself be made to sound more intriguing and enjoyable?
  • Is there any way to make the prospect feel like it is urgent to act now?

Relevancy means the meeting topic matters to the prospect. Intriguing meetings sound like they will be interesting – not boring. Urgency gives the prospect a reason to act now. It can be external circumstances, such as a time-sensitive deal, or the prospect’s internal thinking, such as “How will I meet my goals in the coming quarter?”

Look at the last email you sent. Rewrite it to increase relevancy. Make the meeting sound more intriguing. Figure out a reason why it makes sense for the prospect to meet now.

Send it out. Don’t quit.

Good selling, Perpetual Winner!

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