Selling Strategies for Perpetual Winners
Selling Strategies

Selling Strategies for Perpetual Winners

Take Charge to Win

Right now, the world is full of uncertainty. In these times, sales professionals who are perpetual winners are taking a hard look at their current situation to determine what they need to do to succeed. They continue to contact prospects and customers, look for opportunities, and close deals.

Perpetual winners understand the importance of top-of-mind awareness. They shift their messages to fit current conditions, so they can continue to get meetings. When buyers are interested, but not ready to buy today, best-in-class sales professionals stoke buyer enthusiasm to maintain momentum.

When opportunities to make a sale pop up, perpetual winners are in the best position to win, because they have used their time wisely, to improve how they overcome objections and their closing skills.

Selling Strategies for Perpetual Winners: How to Get Through An Economic Crisis and Come Out Ahead was written for B2B sales professionals who strive to be best-in-class. It contains practical information and tips on:

  • Assessing your funnel to determine revenue possibilities
  • Staying top-of-mind with prospects and customers
  • How to continue to get meetings with buyers, by phone or video conference
  • Maintaining sales momentum using Thought Transformation’s Next-Step Selling™ method
  • Overcoming objections and improving closing skills – critical skills when budgets shrink

Selling Strategies by Linda Bishop

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