Selling Strategies for Perpetual Winners Available Now

Selling Strategies for Perpetual Winners

Book Offers Practical Sales Advice for Weathering the Coronavirus Crisis

Atlanta, GA – Thought Transformation’s president, Linda Bishop, is pleased to announce the publication of  Selling Strategies for Perpetual Winners: How to Get Through an Economic Crisis and Come Out Ahead. The book offers a practical plan to adapt business-to-business selling approaches for current conditions.

Linda Bishop is passionate about sales. She was a commission salesperson and top performer in the printing industry before starting Thought Transformation. As an entrepreneur, she has survived and thrived during economic recessions and downturns.

“Over the years, I have met many sales professionals who are among the best in their industry. They stay on top because they recognize when the world changes, they must change, too,” Linda Bishop said. “This is not the time for sales to give up or slack off. Selling Strategies for Perpetual Winners offers insight for best-in-class sales professionals to stay on-task, get opportunities, and close deals in the current environment.”

Selling Strategies for Perpetual Winners is available on Amazon.

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