“We have a problem.
It’s called the competition.”

There are times when you look at how your team performs and think, “They could use some training.” When that happens, give us a call. Based on practical experience and best practices, our programs are practical and proven to get results.

We do training on-site or via webinar. Single sessions, half and fullday programs are available. All sessions are customized for you and include:

  • Professional live presentation
  • Interactive discussions and exercises
  • Handouts

Support doesn’t end with your session: After we train, we send six weeks of follow-up emails to your team. Why? Because research shows repeated exposure to training concepts aids retention!

Session Topics and Pricing

  • Identify Great Leads
    Discover 10 ways to your best prospects.
  • Identify & Reach Decision-Makers
    Discover how to get names and meetings with high-level buyers.
  • Get More First Meetings
    Learn best practices for business development today.
  • Effective Phone Selling
    Build rapport and make sales with Thought Transformation’s proven process.
  • Write Emails that Sell
    Learn how to write so you increase response rates.
  • Rapport-Building Skills
    Quickly connect with prospects with the right combination of conversation and body language.
  • Next-Step Selling™
    This proven method is a winner for ensuring prospects convert into customers.
  • Planning Effective Sales Calls
    Plan sales calls to get results and create a shorter path to new revenue.
  • Questioning Skills
    Learn three different ways to structure question strategies.
  • Listening Skills
    Easy tips you can instantly apply to improve listening skills and increase selling success.
  • Identifying Pain Points
    Discover new ways to diagnose customer pain and how to use the information to sell.
  • Intelligent Persistence™
    The smart way to do sales follow-up and close more deals.
  • Account Qualification
    Collect the right information from prospects, and use it to close sales.
  • Price Versus Value
    Prove to customers that the value you provide is worth every penny of your price.
  • Overcoming Objections
    Learn Thought Transformation’s REA strategy for overcoming objections.
  • Close the Sale
    Simple and effective techniques to close more sales.
  • Respond to, “Your Price is Too High.”
    Learn how to overcome this common objection.
  • Negotiation Basics
    Easy win-win strategies to negotiate successful outcomes with prospects and customers.
  • Time Management Basics
    Simple ways to manage time and increase sales as a result.
  • Account Penetration Skills
    Tactics and strategies to grow sales in existing accounts.

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Half-Day Session*



Full-Day Session*


*Travel expenses not included.

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