Sales Consulting

Sales Consulting Built to Deliver Value

Occasionally, executives examine sales numbers and think, “We need to find new ways to grow.” They may think about hiring a sales consultant but aren’t sure if the investment will solve problems or bring any real value.

Thought Transformation provides results-focused sales consulting in these areas:

  • Lead list strategies, prospecting, and get-a-meeting programs
  • Developing benefit-focused sales strategies for products and services
  • Producing scripts, letters, meeting talk-tracks, and emails for your team
  • Sales playbooks
  • Analyzing and improving sales processes
  • Set up lead scoring programs
  • Aligning sales and marketing strategies

Can Sales Get More Meetings?

Yes, they can. But you need an outbound selling strategy built to fit the buying cycle today. Often, success comes from a defined touch cycle with better messaging. Thought Transformation creates effective get-a-meeting campaigns, including emails, direct mail, and call scripts.

Do You Want to Convert More Prospects Into Customers?

If the answer is yes, here are a few questions to answer:

  • Is your team working enough leads?
  • Is your team working the right leads?
  • Do you have the right support structure in place to enable your sales process?
    • Does your team have easy access to letters, marketing materials, case studies, for use during discovery?
    • Does your team maintaining momentum and keep deals moving forward, even when sales cycles drag out over extended periods?

What sales problem do you want to solve?

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