How To Improve Your Sales Process

Your sales process is the foundational bedrock of your company. If it’s not, it should be and we’re going to show you why. Static sales processes keep sales teams from reaching objectives, goals, performing at a high level. We’re living in a world where buyer demand is always changing and due to that, you have to constantly find what customers need, want, and align your company’s sales process accordingly.

Thought Transformation’s approach to improving your sales process begins with a deep understanding of your goals and objectives. We can help you design and develop a dynamic sales process that outlines the specific steps, decisions, measures, tools, and leaders you’re going to need to see improvements.

Our sales consulting experts partner with you to deploy your sales process, integrating it into your sales systems, and give you the sales playbooks and sales enablement tools you need to ensure long-term success.

Improving Your Sales Process With Sales Consulting And Management

Effective consultative selling starts by creating benchmarks and building a full sales system that’s specifically designed to accelerate the performance of your sales team. We do this by assigning objectives to our sales team. In order to build this sales process, you have to fully understand your customer’s buying journey.

How well do you know your customer’s buying journey? Make sure you’re investing the time, money, and energy to understand how your customers move from discovery to awareness, from awareness to brand loyalty, this is vital for you to understand. it’ll allow you to build a sales system that helps you meet the objectives of sales management at your company.

Let’s take a deeper look at the 6 steps your company can take to build a sales strategy and improve your sales process.

Developing Your Sales Strategy And A Better Sales Process

How many sales are you seeing today? The last 30 days? Think about that… what if you could improve that by 10 percent, 25 percent, 200 percent?

We’ve never evaluated another company and determined they don’t need a better sales process. Improvements can always be made, adjustments can always be made, you can have more sales than you have right this very second. By investing in your company and sales process, you’re going to learn how to analyze, evaluate, and adjust your sales system and process to build a stronger sales effectiveness framework.

The approach is simple, but powerful and produces results.

(1) Buyer Journey

The buyers of the modern era are smarter and expect more from sellers than ever before, which means sellers need to invest in understanding how buyers move from their status quo through awareness and consideration to making a decision to becoming loyal customers. The buyer journey is more complex now, we invest in assessing current buying and selling processes to design and implement a clearly defined buyer journey to make sure your organization engages in effective sales management.

(2) The Sales Process

Using what we’ve learned from assessing your buying and selling processes by conducting research and interviews with sales leaders, top performers and customers, we build and execute a sales process, to provide a roadmap and playbook to change the way your sellers behave while providing a common language and giving you a tool to measure your progress. By aligning to a common and dynamic sales process, you’ll begin to see effective sales management grow at your organization.

(3) Marketing, Sales, And Service

As you begin to see the buyer’s journey develop, the line between organizational teams will begin to cross. Marketing, sales, and customer service are (3) different departments that have (3) different roles. This is why it’s important to have clear roles in each department.

You want to make sure every part of your organization that engages customers has defined roles to ensure the company is optimizing lead generation, lead conversion, and lead databases. By aligning these functions around the buyer journey, the sales process will make sure that every customer-facing professional contributes to creating a seamless and positive customer experience from start to finish.

There’s a lot of different marketing strategies you can use to reach your customers, from direct mail marketing and social media, to SEO and paid media, the strategies you choose to go with are going to be dependent on your specific audience.

(4) The Right Roles

Do you have the right people in the right roles?

We have the ability to help you identify gaps in your sales and service departments, understanding where you may have missing roles or have roles that require changing. We then pull together a well-developed, data-driven talent strategy to make sure you have the right people in the right roles for truly effective sales management.

(5) Your Sales Team

Your sales team better know your buyer’s requirements and expectations – it matters! You want to know your perfect customer better than you know yourself. This is why we recommend investing your time and money so you know your buyer on a deep personal level.

Once we know your customer’s journey, we can assign also helps us optimize the shape of your sales team, making sure we structure your salesforce against market opportunity, funnel stages and conversion rates, as well as how each role delivers against business metrics.

(6) Messaging And Communication

Messaging and communication is key to your success as a company. You should already know your customer’s journey because if you don’t, your messaging and communication is likely off. This could be why you’re struggling.

Our messaging and communications should be centered around that journey your customers have with your brand. It should be aligned throughout your organization. When you do a deep dive into this buyer persona, you’re going to know what to say and when to say it – but you have to know the journey.

In Closing

Now that you know how we work with companies to build the “right” sales process based off your buyer, do you think your sale process is optimized as it should be? Do you think your marketing, sales, and messaging are on point? Do you think you have the right people in the right roles?

If not, and you’re looking to get your sales processes dialed in, be sure to reach out to our team.

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