5 Reasons To Hire A Sales Consulting Firm

When we first started Thought Transformation, one of the first questions I asked myself, “Why would someone want to hire a sales consulting firm?”

Sure, a company looks to hire a firm in sales consulting to improve results, specifically sales. However, in 2020, the benefits of having a sales consulting firm goes way beyond just improved KPIs.  Below are 5 reasons to hire a sales consulting firm and why a good sales consulting firm should be your first choice when looking to improve sales results:

Sales Consulting Firms Can Bring A Fresh New Perspective

When you’re running a company, you see things through your own lens, that is especially true for those of you that have been running your company for a long time. After years, even decades, your perspective on your company is often one-sided. Now, that’s not saying it’s a bad thing, but you wouldn’t believe the magic that can be unlocked getting a fresh pair of eyes on your company.

Our sales consulting team here at Thought Transformation is trained to find the “gaps,” trained to identify the key areas that need improved in your sales process. Yet, it’s not only sales we excel in, we’re trained to find the gaps in your marketing and communications as well.

Your Company Is One-Of-A-Kind

A lot of sales training is focused on a one size fits all approach. While that may work for 95 percent of the companies out there, what about the other 5 percent that need a customized sales consulting solution?

If your services and products are unique, do you think that one size fits all approach is going to help you? Nope! Due to years of experience, we know this and this is why our sales consulting company has been overwhelmingly successful helping companies in this rare bucket.

It Opens The Doors Of Opportunity

For you company owners, do you really have the time to face your challenges head on? Most of you are going to say “no,” and you’re right, you don’t! Your busy running a company and doing what you do best. Even if you’ve found the time to “find” your sales problems, it doesn’t mean you can provide corrective guidance also.

Sales consulting firms are designed to handle complex sales processes, trained to help you improve sales and performance. While we can’t speak for other consulting firms, our approach opens the doors of opportunity for you and your staff.

Sales Training Is Important

Our sales training is built off real world results and if your company wants to improve sales, you must improve your sales team. We’re training to evaluate your whole sales process, identifying what works, what doesn’t, and exactly what needs to be improved to reach your target KPIs.

In many cases, it’s as simple as following “best” practices. We’ve vetted these sales practices for more than a decade. In fact, our founder Linda Bishop, she’s been in sales for nearly 3 decades. You’re going to have a lot of opportunities for growth if you hire the right sales consultant, right sales consulting firm.

Sales Organizations Are Deeply Complex

While we’ve worked with companies on every end of the spectrum, the majority of these sales organizations are deeply complex. This is why a lot of company owners are not able to improve sales, they just don’t know what levers to push.

The right sales consulting firm can help you dive deep into your sales and help you identify the bottlenecks in your sales processes. Furthermore, they can help you navigate the complexity of your sales organizations so you have a much better understanding of how it works.

The right sales consulting company can be the difference between success and failure, your opportunity to grow your business or not. Sales are the lifeblood of any company, now it’s time to start treating it with the respect you know it deserves.

Here at Thought Transformation, we believe reliable revenue growth requires a repeatable sales process. The sales force should know what to do, and execute on that relentlessly. Marketing supports the process, providing the sales team with effective meeting bait that attracts prospects, and all the tools required by sales to move selling cycles forward.

If you’re struggling to grow your sales and you’re looking for help in that arena, don’t hesitate to reach out. Give us a call at (770) 846-3510 or use this online form.

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