Ambassador of the Possible: Selling Prospects in the Second Half of 2020

Have you ever watched a cat venture into an unfamiliar space? They proceed slowly and cautiously, one watchful step forward, and then a pause, alert to potential danger.

Many prospects will take the same pussy-footed approach in the second half of the year. Expect nervousness, trepidation, and slower-than-normal sales cycles. One way for sales pros to overcome hesitancy is by becoming an Ambassador of the Possible.

The foundation of sales success comes from your ability to convince prospects to change from their current solution and form an alliance with you. Sales ambassadors know change starts by helping prospects picture a better future.

Imagine This

Imagine is one of the most powerful words you can use in a sales call. By invoking the buyer’s imagination, you open a world where they can explore beneficial ideas, concepts, products, and services that lie outside their current reality.

When Ambassadors of the Possible help prospects envision how a purchase leads to a better situation, they set the stage for additional discovery. A simple way to start the process is by using this easy-to-apply, conversational framework.

Engaging the prospect’s imagination at the beginning of a conversation shows them what is possible. And, the reaction to “Imagine this,” helps you determine if the buyer is intrigued by the possibility of a better option, or if the status quo is good enough.

Even after the majority of businesses reopen, skittish prospects who are reluctant to change will be the norm. Friendly patience and intelligent persistence overcome hesitancy. Friendly patience lets prospects know you care about the relationship. Intelligent persistence ensures you stay engaged with buyers who aren’t ready to act now, but who will purchase in the future.

Are you ready to serve as an emissary for purchasing opportunities? Take on the role of Ambassador of the Possible, and help clients envision why an alliance with you is the right decision.

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