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ince 2004, Thought Transformation has been changing the way companies achieve revenue growth. We do that by changing thinking and transforming sales processes to achieve one outcome: More sales. Linda Bishop founded the company in 2004 after a successful sales career. Her team has worked with clients throughout the country, providing sales training, business development consulting, and marketing support.

Why Us?

We believe reliable revenue growth requires a repeatable sales process. The sales force should know what to do, and execute relentlessly. Marketing supports the process, providing the sales team with effective meeting bait that attracts prospects, and all the tools required by sales to move selling cycles forward.

Sales success starts with a different thinking and a smarter plan. Once you have the plan, transformation comes from effective execution, which often requires training to improve selling skills.

Linda Bishop, President & Chief Sales Officer

Linda Bishop is passionate about sales and marketing, and she believes the best way to grow revenues is to develop and execute a process that grows sales. For over fifteen years, she was a top performer for a division of RR Donnelley. Today she works with businesses nationwide, helping them grow their sales with the right strategy and the best combination of tools, training, and tactics.

Linda has a BS Degree in Accounting from Purdue University, and an MBA in Marketing from Georgia State University. She is the author of three books, writes regularly for Canvas Magazine, and has spoken at many events including Dscoop, sponsored by HP.

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