Make Better Sales Calls

Improve your team's ability to make better sales calls, quickly qualify leads and get more opportunities.

Thought Transformation has the sales training sessions you need. We teach your team how to:
  • Improve account qualification skills
  • Developing questioning strategies
  • Maintaining momentum during long sales cycles
  • Listen to build rapport and identify opportunities
These sessions benefit:
  • Recent hires who need to understand account qualification
  • Intermediate salespeople who need to improve call planning skills
  • Experienced teams who want to sharpen their qualification skills to shorten sales cycles
Thought Transformation provides customized sales training on-site at your facility. All sales training classes include:
  • Professional presentation with high-impact visuals to aid retention
  • Discussions to stimulate thinking
  • Full-color handouts
  • Pre-training and post-training strategy to increase retention

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